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Village of Ta Phin, Province of Lao Cai, Vietnam View on Map

Directions to the Homestay

Getting Here

From Hanoi to Lao Cai

*By Road: It is 335 km by road. From Hanoi, first follow road 2 via Viet Doan Hung Junction. Turn left and follow national road 4D via Yen Bai. Due to the mountain terrain and poor investment, the road conditions are bad and it is a long and tiring trip, approximately 9 to 10 hours. The new highway should be completed in the next year and will shorten the trip by 3 hours.

*By Train: One of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get to Lao Cai is to take a night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. The best trains with the best facilities start from Hanoi station in the evening from 21:00 to 23:oo and arrive at Lao Cai staion early the next morning. All hotels, small or large, can help you obtain the train tickets to fit your budget and comfort level. Tickets can also be purchased from the train station in Hanoi. SP7, SP1 and SP3 are good trains. Berths come in three main classes: soft-sleeper (with or without a.c.), hard sleeper, or hard seat. Most tourists opt for the soft-sleeper.

Map Of Region

Arrival in Lao Cai

If you have a mobile phone, please call me upon your arrival in Lao Cai and I will meet you in Sapa to arrange your transportation to the village.

On arrival in Lao Cai Station, look out for a minibus to Sa Pa. It is 37 km from Lao Cai to Sapa and this portion of the national road 4C is the best road in Lao Cai Province which takes about an hour to go uphill. There are many vans operating along this route from early morning till late afternoon. The current cost per passenger by minivan ranges from $50,000 - $60,000 Dong (VND), depending on the number of passengers (approximately $3 – 4 USD). Always confirm the price before getting into the van.

Arrival In Sapa

Very Important Information

Upon arrival in Sapa you may be approached by vietnamese tour operators, vietnamese tour guides and local tour guides, either Black H’mong or Red Dao.

It is important for you to know the following information:

  • You do not require a permit to stay in the village, as some villages do
  • You do not require a tour guide to go to the village, as some villages do
  • You do not half to fill out an application form at the Sapa Tourist Information Office for a homestay, as we now register you with our local governmant office in the village centre upon arrival with no assossiated costs

So just send me an email or give me a phone call and I will meet you in SapaIf you did not have a mobile phone to call me from Lao Cai, the Post Office located on the Sapa town map, has telephones to make a call for a small charge, and they open at 7 am

All minivans drop you off in front of the church, most often, or at the bus station. It is very easy to get to my village from Sapa.

The simplest way for you is to have me meet you in Sapa to negotiate and arrange transport prices for you. Le Gecko and Le Petite Gecko Restaurants, both with nice outdoor patio/veranda’s, and are located on the Sapa town map. They are both good locations for us to meet.

By Taxi: You can take a 30 minute “xe om”, motor bike taxi or a car taxi from the town centre. All taxi’s wait for hire at the intersection of the stadium, the church and the park.

Driving: Leaving Sapa, follow the major road to Lao Cai. Approximately 5 kilometres down the valley you come to your first T-junction. After leaving Sapa it is the first side road on your left, the village centre is approximatly 10 kilometres from here..straight ahead.

If you make your own transport arrangements, give me a phone call when leaving Sapa and I will meet you in the village centre.

Map of Sapa Town

Map of Ta Phin Village within Sapa District

Arrival in the Village of Ta Phin

Upon the entrance to the village you will need to pay a small entry fee to the government. It is currently $20,000 VND, approximately $1 USD. If you choose to venture to the village on your own, I will meet you in the village centre to register your homestay with us, at our local government office. If you would like to make your way to my homestay on your own, look at the following map of the village that shows you the location of my homestay. These simple directions may help. My homestay is a 10 minute walk north of the village centre….approximately 3/4 of a kilometre.

  • travel through the village centre heading north to unit #4 of the village
  • you will walk through low lying rice paddy fields on both sides
  • you will cross the brige over a small creek…you are half way here
  • as you reach another patchwork of homes…there is a “paved pathway” to your left with a very large rock on the corner…continue on for aproximately 50 metres
  • take the first roadway to your left….curently a red soil base
  • at the top of the hill approximately 25 metres, take the first roadway to your left, also a red soil base
  • congratulations!!!! you are at my homestay…you should see my sign from the start of my road way

Don’t worry, we can register your homestay with our government office after your arrival. It is no problem. However you choose to arrive at my homestay, make sure I know you are coming, preferrably one to two days in advance, so everything can be perfect for you.