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Information on our Village Etiquette

Village Etiquette

By following these simple rules while visiting our village, your stay will be more enjoyable for the villagers and yourself. Most villagers are genuinely welcoming and hospitable to foreigners, appreciating the contact with you and the material benefits you bring.

  • Always remember you are a guest in the village
  • Be sensitive to all different situations, while keeping an open mind
  • Dress modestly – in long trousers or skirt with a t-shirt or shirt
  • Please do not show public displays of affection
  • Only go inside a house when invited and remove your shoes before entering
  • Please avoid touching the heads of the infants
  • Be sensitive to villager’s wishes when taking photographs, particularly of older people who are suspicious of cameras …. never take a photo of the infants …. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION FIRST
  • Please avoid wearing a white shirt or all white clothes into the village because white is often worn at funerals
  • A green tree branch on the door indicates that the entrance is forbidden
  • When entering a home, please take your back pack off your shoulders and carry it in with your hands.
  • Try to minimise your impact on our often fragile environment: take your litter back to Sapa and be sensitive to the use of wood, a very scarse resource.
  • As a mark of respect, it is always fun to learn the local terms of address, either in Dao dialect or in Vietnamese.


  • Hello……………………Puong Tay (Pu-ong Tie)
  • Good Bye……………..Duan O (Zan Oh)
  • Thank You……………To Ting (Toe Ting)


  • Hello…………….Xin Chao (Sin Chow)
  • Good Bye……….Tam Biet (Tam Beet)
  • Thank You……..Cam On (Come on)

  • When strolling through the village, and encountering many beautiful children, an alternative to giving candy would be a piece of fresh fruit available in the village centre or in the market in Sapa town. Other little gifts that are greatly appreciated are such items as: hair bands, hair elastics, barrettes, small notebooks, pencils and pens
  • If you promise to do something, PLEASE KEEP YOUR PROMISE.

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